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T04.63ar 500+hp 8pc Twin Turbo Charger+manifold Kit For Chevy Small Block Sbc

T04.63ar 500+hp 8pc Twin Turbo Charger+manifold Kit For Chevy Small Block Sbc
T04.63ar 500+hp 8pc Twin Turbo Charger+manifold Kit For Chevy Small Block Sbc
T04.63ar 500+hp 8pc Twin Turbo Charger+manifold Kit For Chevy Small Block Sbc

T04.63ar 500+hp 8pc Twin Turbo Charger+manifold Kit For Chevy Small Block Sbc

63AR 500+HP 8PC TWIN TURBO CHARGER+MANIFOLD KIT FOR CHEVY SMALL BLOCK SBC. Horsepower is crucial for racing domination. But what is the most efficient method to improve the horsepower of your project car? You need to have the right weapon for your project car if you wish to leave the competition behind. A turbo charger kit is the most powerful weapon for street and track car applications.

A turbo kit will drastically boost up the intake and exhaust air flow of the engine. When it comes to racing or everyday excitement, it is the most important weapon for your ride.

High Compression/ Boosting Turbocharger: The objective of a turbocharger is to improve the engine's volumetric efficiency by solving the amount of air flow into the combustion chamber limitation. This ultimately results in an increased torque and output of the engine. A naturally aspirated automobile engine uses only the downward stroke of a piston to create an area of low pressure in order to draw air into the cylinder through the intake valves.

The pressure in the atmosphere is about 1 atm (approximately 14.7 PSI), so there ultimately will be a limit to the pressure difference across the intake valves. This will also limit the amount of airflow entering the combustion chamber.

Since the turbocharger increases the pressure at the point where air is entering the cylinder, a greater mass of air (oxygen) will be forced in as the inlet manifold pressure increases. The additional air/oxygen flow makes it possible to maintain the combustion chamber pressure and fuel/air load even at high engine revolution speeds, increasing the power and torque output of the engine. High Performance Tubular Exhaust Turbo Manifold The heart of any Turbo system is the Manifold and the Turbocharger. These form the basis where the rest of the turbo system is built around.

Turbo manifolds have only one, but the most critical purpose in turbo systems, and that purpose is to expel exhaust gas into the turbine of a turbocharger as efficiently as possible. There is no match for power and performance for tubular stainless steel manifolds. Tubular manifolds are made up of runners coming from each cylinder, meeting up at a collector.

Tubular manifolds yield a higher efficiency rate, as each runner is generally the same circumference. This tubular manifold furthers the even exhaust flow using "equal length" runners. Equal length tubular manifolds are the most efficient design, which ensures equivalent air flow rate smoothly from each cylinder. This allows for a much smoother flow of exhaust gas to the turbo. Tubular stainless steel manifolds are chosen over cast manifolds for big power applications. Tubular stainless manifolds feature better and more consistent flow of exhaust gases. Most of the tubular Stainless manifolds also feature the placement of the wastegate flange towards the middle of the collector to allow accurate readings and precise control.

Capable of Boosting Horse Power up to 300+ BHP. Minimum Estimated Power Gain: 75 - 100 HP. High Quality Material, Cast Housing with Durable Steel. Standard 2.50 Inner Diameter V-Band.

3.00"/ 2.00". 50.55 / 76.00. High Performance Tubular Exhaust Turbo Manifold. High Performance Tubular Side-Mount Turbo Racing Design. Made of High Quality T-304 Polished Stainless Steel Alloy Material for Strength and Durability.

Computerized Mandrel-Bended to Maximize Air Flow Smoothness. TIG Welded CNC Machined Flange for Resistance against Cracking and Wearing. Increase Engine Exhaust Output and Efficiency. Standard T3/ T03 Turbo Flange Configuration Outlet Oil Feed Line.

Stainless Steel Hose, Braided for Heat and Pressure Resistance, Strength and Durability. 1/8 NPT Fittings Natural Polish Finish. CNC Machined Turbo Adapter Plate. Brass Fitting, Block Fitting, and Port Cover Included T3/T4 5-Bolts Stainless Mild Steel Downpipe Adaptor Flange. Made of High Quality T-304 Mild Steel Durable Material.

Construction Prevents Warping Due To High Heat. Fits T3/ T4 2.5 Diameter Turbo/ Turbocharger Flange 30psi Turbo Boost Controller. CNC machined aluminum body with anodized finish.

Adjust to increase turbo pressure. 2 x Oil Feed Line Kit. 2 x 5-Bolt Downpipe Flange Adaptor.

1 x Turbo Boost Controller. Hardware as Shown in the Picture Above. Professional Installation is Highly Recommended. Installation Instruction is NOT Included. LED Black Housing 3rd Brake Light For 03 Toyota 4Runner - YouTube. Video will open in a new window. DOMESTIC LOWER 48 US STATES.

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  • Brand: Speed Daddy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SDD-TBKSDDTBCTX2+TMCTST38
  • Color: Metallic
  • Materials: Aluminum/Steel
  • Surface Finish: Cast
  • Intake Inlet/ Outlet: 3.00"/ 2.00"
  • Compressor A/R: 0.53
  • Compressor Inducer /Exducer (MM): 50.55 / 76.00
  • Compressor Trim: 57
  • Exhaust (Downpipe) Flange: Standard T3/ T4 4-Bolt
  • Exhaust (Turbo Manifold) Flange: Standard 2.50" Inner Diameter V-Band
  • Turbine A/R: 0.63
  • Turbine Inducer / Exducer (mm): 65.20/ 56.06
  • Turbine Trim: 58
  • Fitment Type: Performance/Custom

T04.63ar 500+hp 8pc Twin Turbo Charger+manifold Kit For Chevy Small Block Sbc