Small Block Chevy

Procharger Chevy SBC BBC F-1 F-1A F-1D Supercharger Serpentine Tuner Kit EFI

Procharger Chevy SBC BBC F-1 F-1A F-1D Supercharger Serpentine Tuner Kit EFI
Procharger Chevy SBC BBC F-1 F-1A F-1D Supercharger Serpentine Tuner Kit EFI

Procharger Chevy SBC BBC F-1 F-1A F-1D Supercharger Serpentine Tuner Kit EFI
This is the tuner kit which will require a custom tune done locally after you install the kit, and does not include a programmer, fuel injectors, intercooler or high performance fuel pump. There are over a dozen different options for this transplant supercharger kit, please CALL. There are many different options available from ProCharger, please view the details section below for the details on this kit. For the many other ATI ProCharger kits available, and options such as upgrading head units or polished head units. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THIS PRODUCT. ATIs self-contained (SC) ProCharger models are the first and only gear-driven centrifugal superchargers to feature self-lubrication, and contain the industrys most advanced technology. In addition to the patented self-contained oiling design, SC ProChargers also feature the highest step-up ratio, exclusive billet impellers, and the industry's only billet gearcases for superior rigidity, sealing and appearance. These proven self-contained ProChargers were designed specifically for internal lubrication and have become the industry standard. ProCharger carbureted & aftermarket EFI superchargers were designed with one simple goal: blow the competition away. From 350 small blocks to 383 strokers and all the way up to massive 600+ cid big block monsters, ProChargers extensive lineup of applications for carbureted and aftermarket EFI Chevrolet engines are ideally suited for street, strip and full race vehicles. Building the correct engine and blower combination, numerous ProCharged muscle car owners have demonstrated that it is possible to build a 1,600+ horsepower street car, complete with air conditioning and power steering! The ProCharger F-1 and F-1A superchargers utilize a compact, 9 inch volute and are powerful and highly versatile superchargers. Like all the ProCharger F-Series models, the F-1 and F-1A feature the industry-exclusive compound bearing design that supports high-horsepower applications, while the patented and proven self-contained oiling design eliminates the need for external oil lines while providing years and years of trouble-free performance. These kits also include a standard carb bonnet and the tubing required to boost your Holley 4150-style carburetor. The F-1 thru F-1R utilize an advanced helixed impeller capable of accommodating a broad range of applications.

The F-1 flows enough air to feed 1050 hp while the F-1R will support up to 1,200 hp. Available for small block and big block Chevy engines, the intercooled and non-intercooled ProCharger F-1 thru F-1R kits are the next step up the ladder from the P-1SC and D-1SC. Equipped with our 9 (F-1/F-1A) and 9.75 (F-1C/F-1R) volutes, these units pack a lot of power in a modestly sized package. Utilizing a patented high speed compound bearing design, these superchargers offer operating speeds unmatched by any other line of superchargers on the market. Lubricated with ProChargers own proprietary synthetic oil blend, the ultra-rigid precision ground 9310 steel shafts and gears (mounted on super-precision, high speed bearings) transfer power from the engine to a CNC machined 7075 aluminum billet impeller, spinning it at an overdrive ratio of 5.40:1.

Horsepower gain: Depends on custom tuning F-1, F-1A, or F-1D supercharger head unit, satin finish standard, upgrades available Boost pressure up to 38 psi, spec'd out after order is placed Race Bypass Valve Tubing: NONE Supplied Belt Drive System: Additional Dedicated 12 Rib Serpentine Fuel Pump Supplied: NONE Supplied Intercooler: NONE Supplied Fuel Injectors Supplied: NONE Supplied Computer/Ignition Mods. ATI / ProCharger Dealer information Procharger is very strict about who they allow as dealers. Procharger dealers must have experience with high performance forced induction applications and provide excellent customer service and application advice. Why choose ATI / Procharger Superchargers? ProCharger supercharger systems are absolutely the most powerful and reliable supercharger systems available for your vehicle.

Intercooler ProCharger systems are able to reliably increase horsepower and torque by 50-85% while still keeping your vehicle emissions legal and allowing you to run pump gas. For street use or at the track, Intercooled ProCharger supercharger systems will deliver the largest increase in horsepower and torque available from any supercharger system. And thanks to the extremely low charge air temperatures provided by ProCharger technology, ProCharger systems also provide much better engine longevity by protecting your motor from detonation. ProCharger systems are designed with a fundamental understanding of the physics behind supercharging, and are engineered to the highest quality standards.

Designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA. We have ATI / Procharger supercharger systems to fit almost every performance application! We do not lower invoice values since it is a violation of US and International custom laws. Let us work to resolve your problem so everyone is happy. Suite D7 Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

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  • Placement on Vehicle: Front
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Part Brand: ATI / Procharger
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1CX100-F1
  • Brand: ATI Procharger
  • Interchange Part Number: Small Big Block EFI Carb Serp System

Procharger Chevy SBC BBC F-1 F-1A F-1D Supercharger Serpentine Tuner Kit EFI